• Needs of the project. Description of selected solutions and expected results.

CIE LT Forge belongs to CIE Automotive company group specializing in controlling of high value-added processes, CIE LT Forge is socially responsible and committed company, which aims to harmonize the successful continuous development in the financial, environmental and social spheres  as well as protecting  the company's long-term competitiveness. While providing services for ever-changing and increasingly competitive automotive industry, it is vital to invest in research and innovation and the employees working competences in order to strengthen our position as a market leader. Having analyzed work processes and the needs of employees, it was found that success is directly dependent on the human factor competencies. So trainings for the employees shall be organized. This will develop and improve their professional qualifications, specialized professional knowledge and skills. The implementation of this project is expected  to raise sufficiently  the professional qualifications of employees; to achieve the optimal organization of internal communication and increase operational efficiency; to achieve optimal results in creating new products; to improve products and services quality for consumers. Completed project will also contribute to employment program in 2014-2020 between institutional action plan, approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania in 2014. 26 February.  Act No.. 204.

  • Summary of the project:

To operate properly and survive in a competitive market, CIE LT Forge seeks to invest in employees working competences. During the project it will be focused not on the standard employee training, but in a unique, professional based education, which will not only increase the professional competence of general staff, but also encourage providing high quality training. In order to keep existing employees and attract new skilled workers our company has to invest in their knowledge, thus increasing employees’ motivation.

  • The planned use of the results of the project after the completion of it:

CIE LT FORGE ensures the physical and performance continuity within the company. In addition, CIE LT Forge will take care of the project’s activities, common to all partners in

the project, ensuring continuity.

  • Physical continuity:

The main product of the project –the training material will be structured and stored in the establishment.  It will be available to those who do not participate in the project in and for new recruits.

  • Performance Continuity:
  • created  opportunities for further growth of the company
    increased quality of products and services. Raised operating efficiency of the participants of the project - increased professional competence, improved internal communication within the company;
    increased overall efficiency of the participants of the project;
    knowledge and skills acquired during the project  will be directly used for the development of innovative products in the Lithuanian market.