CIE LT Forge is implementing the project "Heat treatment plant for thermal energy recovery equipment installation to use the recovered heat of production processes and partially heat the packing department.” During the project, in the company's thermal treatment workshop (address: Stoties g. 12, Marijampolė) economizers will be installed in the existing gas metal heating furnaces, by the help of which the heat emission of the furnaces (recuperation) will be used in industrial processes. It is expected that the project will reduce the negative impact on the environment, i.e .:  more than 2.2 percent of natural gas will be saved, emission of air pollutants (carbon monoxide, dioxide and nitrogen oxides) will be decreased.
A subsidy of EUR 49, purchase the project equipment was provided by Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund (LEIF). The subsidy has been granted under the mentioned fund’s funding guidelines approved in 2014.
Carrying out the project CIE LT Forge aims to implement a resource-efficient and cleaner production, leading to harmony of human activities and nature.