About us


CIE AUTOMOTIVE is an industrial group specialized in managing high value - added processes, with presence in 4 continents and 17 countries. CIE Automotive is listing on the Spanish Stock Market. 

We are focusing our efforts in being the preferred partner to our customers through: Multi-Technology, Globalization, Engineering, Lean Structure, Growth – Investment capabilities.Our traditional core business - Automotive: Global full service supplier of components and subassemblies for automotive market.
The CIE AUTOMOTIVE Group has integrated other two business units: Bionor (Production and distribution of Biofuel) and Dominion (ICT Services and Solutions).

Main technologies. CIE Automotive includes technologies specialised in the manufacture of automobile components: Aluminum, Forging, Stamping/Tube forming, Machining, Casting, Plastics, Roof Systems.

Corporate responsibility. CIE Automotive is a socially committed company. It aims at aligning the promotion of sustainable development in its area of influence regarding financial, environmental and social issues while safeguarding the company's long-term competitiveness.

Research is one if the key features of the management of CIE Automotive. In a sector that is ever-changing and increasingly competitive, it is vital to invest in R&D&I in order to reinforce our position as market leaders.

CIE Automotive provides services to it's customers from the initial stages of a project through to final product delivery, contributing high innovation capacity.

For more detailed information, please visit our website: www.cieautomotive.com

CIE Automotive group has undertakings all around the world

UAB CIE LT Forge (previously called UAB Peer Industries) was founded in 1996. The company is located in Marijampolė, Lithuania, in the North - Eastern part of Europe. It is well situated on the major communication routes between Scandinavia - and Central - Eastern Europe.

In November, 2007 CIE Automotive launched a major expansion of its manufacturing operations with a new hot forging and machining facility of over 12000 m² (total territory ~39000 m²) based in Marijampole, Lithuania. Since then CIE LT Forge company belongs to CIE Automotive group.

CIE LT Forge is a modern metalworking facility. It specializes in the production of forged and machined parts for automotive industry. Hot and warm forging of steel and stainless steel is its primary manufacturing process, followed by thermal treatment and machining to exacting customer specifications. CIE LT Forge prides itself on being able to produce parts completely, from forging to machining the final detail.

All of CIE LT Forge's activities and production processes are followed by implementing CIE Automotive continuous improvement program "Avanza" and "Lean" production system.